Tailor-made Activities for Children

Tailor-made Activities for Children

All our tours can be tailored for children.
Particularly the workshops and the lessons in music, dancing and painting are highly recommended for kids, who will enjoy the sensual, hands-on experience of getting to know Zanzibari cultureSwahili culture is the culture of the Swahili people who are living on the East African coast and the offshore islands. It is the product of the complex history of East Africa that has been shaped for centuries by Middle Eastern, European and Asian influences.
It began to take form around the 10th century, as a consequence of  Persian and Arab traders creating settlements on the East African coast and islands and mixing with the local Bantu people. The emerging city-states were predominantly Muslim, cosmopolitan and economically very successful.
The culture that emerged from the interaction between Arabic, Persian and Bantu traditions was further enriched with influences from the Far East as a consequence of long-distance trading across the Indian Ocean. In the 19th century, Indian immigrants arrived in significant numbers to settle as traders and skilled workers, and European influences entered the mix once again.
The Swahili culture has a Bantu core that has been modified by all of those foreign influences. This shows in many aspects of life, for example in the language, architecture, music and cuisine.
! The lessons will take place at Mrembo Traditional Spa or the Dhow Countries Music Academy.

Mrembo Traditional Spa is tucked away in Stone Town's narrow streets, a cozy and colorful place with friendly people who truly enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience with children.

The Music Academy is situated on the seafront in Stone Town and offers professional teachers, lots of space and a great variety of musical instruments to keep kids interested and happy.

Tinga Tinga Painting
A private teacher will help children create their very own Tingatinga Tingatinga is a style of painting that originates in Tanzania. It is named after Edward Saidi Tingatinga (1932-72), who invented it in the 1960s by painting brightly colored pictures using bicycle paint. His motives were animals, plants and village scenes. The style was taken up by other artists and has since become widely spread in Tanzania and Zanzibar. Tingatinga paintings are sought after by tourists and collectors alike. paintings. Throughout the lesson children will be served fresh juice and snacks. At the end of the lesson children will have a masterpiece fit for any living room wall!


Ngoma Dance Lesson
Ngoma (literally translated as drum) dance & music is a vital part of many East African cultures and varies according to region and ceremony.
Children will learn about the Ngoma used in Zanzibar and how to dance to the music. It's lots of noise and movement - in other words, great fun!


Music Lesson
Zanzibar is known for its rich musical heritage.
Children can try out and learn how to play some of the instruments used on the island, particularly the various drums.
We are cooperating with the Dhow Countries Music Academy, and the monies generated will be used to support their invaluable work teaching and promoting music in Zanzibar.


Kids' Mrembo Spa Experience
Our Mrembo Traditional Spa is a sensual feast for all ages, and our therapists are always happy to explain and to answer questions. Children can choose their own Kids Spa Treatment from the Mrembo menu. Before they receive the treatment they will help prepare it, giving them the opportunity to learn why certain plants and oils are so good for our bodies.
They can also learn how to paint the traditional henna flower patterns that the Zanzibari women wear so proudly.