Spices & History - Ancient ruins & Cinnamon trees

Spices & History - Ancient ruins & Cinnamon trees

Experience the famous Spice Island while following the footsteps of Princess Salme, daughter of the first Sultan of Zanzibar!

Your tour begins with a visit to the Mtoni PalaceBeit-el-Mtoni, the “Palace by the Stream”, owes this name to its beautiful location on the western shore of Zanzibar. When Sayyid Said Bin Sultan Albusaidi, Sultan of Oman and Zanzibar, moved his capital from Muscat to Zanzibar in 1852, he made it his main residence. At that time, over a thousand people lived in the palace and its immediate surroundings.
During the 1880s the palace was abandoned, and, although it is one of the oldest and most significant buildings on the island, it slowly sank into disrepair and oblivion.
. This impressive site was once home of the first Sultan of Zanzibar and the birthplace of Sayyida Salme, his daughter who later eloped with a German merchant to live in Hamburg; her bestselling bookEmily Ruete, Memoirs of an Arabian Princess from Zanzibar, an Autobiography. First published in 1888, many reprints gives a lot of interesting details about Zanzibar's history and her life in the palace.
Wander around the extensive ruins with your guide while he brings to life for you the palace's as well as Zanzibar's history.

After a 20 minute ride we.arrive at the highest point of Zanzibar where the lush gardens of spice and flowers await you. A coffee ceremony is awaiting you amidst mature cinnamon trees and cardamom shrubs.

Until recently the place was home to the Zanzibar Creative Education Foundation,  a small non-profit school that teaches children from different backgrounds following Rudolf Steiner's concept of holistic learning. Most of the students are orphans and/or from very poor families, who would not otherwise have any chance to receive a good education. Zanzibar Different Tours is supporting this wonderful project with a donation for every visitor.

Then, you will visit the Kidichi Persian BathsThe Kidichi Persian Baths have been built in 1850 by Sultan Said for his second wife, Binti Irich Mirza, also called Sheherazade, the granddaughter of the Shah of Persia. They were used to refresh the royals during visits to their nearby plantations.
You can enter the bathhouse and see the relaxation area and a prayer room. There is still some of the fine stucco work depicting Persian style peacocks and flowers, and a domed ceiling with a set of windows that once held stained glass to cast colored patterns over the whitewashed walls.
, built for the second wife of Salme’s father.

You continue to a lovely mature spice plantation. During a leisurely walk you will see, learn about, and taste the abundance of spices, fruits and herbal remedies grown in Zanzibar.
To round off the experience, you will be served a delicious home-cooked lunch, surrounded by the sights and sounds of Zanzibar’s countryside.


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