Karibu - Welcome Inside!

Are you looking for a thoroughly original and personal holiday experience?

Then Zanzibar Different is for you!

We are a small, professional tour company based in Zanzibar and well connected to mainland Tanzania. Our specialty are truly off-the-beaten-track excursions and activities, combining culture, history and the arts.

Our dedicated team is headed by Stefanie, a Dutch-German lady who has been living and working in Zanzibar since 2000. We all love what we do, and you will benefit from that every step on the way.

Let us take you to the most beautiful beaches and picturesque places,

Meet the friendly locals and gain insights into a colourful, close-knit society,
Learn how music, dancing or cooking is done around here,

Get up close and personal with Tanzania's amazing nature and wildlife …

On this website, we share with you a selection of our favourite things to do and places to go, but there are many more. Just tell us where your interests lie, and we will take it from there!

All our tours can be tailor-made for children. 

We support conservation, the arts, income generating projects and education in Zanzibar.


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